Hebrew Union College

of the

Acting under the authority and in conformity with the laws of
The Union of American Hebrew Congregations,

by these presents, declare and make known to all the House of Israel, wherever dwelling, as follows:

Whereas, Max Wertheimer, B.L.

of Buffalo, N.Y.
has been a student of the Hebrew Union College

for SEVEN years, and has progressed from year to year in the prescribed order of studies, and shown his proficiency therein; and has, during his residence in Cincinnati, conducted himself in a religious and moral manner, and has evinced that high character necessary for a teacher in Israel, And having, furthermore, graduated with honors from the

University of Cincinnati, State of Ohio,

and in his final examination been found proficient in a knowledge of those branches necessary for the proper discharge of the duties of Rabbi, the aforesaid President and Faculty of the Hebrew Union College do hereby confer on Max Wertheimer, B.L., the title of


by virtue of which he is authorized to perform all the functions connected with such vocation.

          May the work of the Lord prosper in his hands, and through his labors, may truth, righteousness and peace increase in Israel.
          In Testimony Whereof, We have appended our names, and affixed the seals of the Hebrew Union College and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.
          Done in the City of Cincinnati, State of Ohio, the 29th day of Sivan, 5649, 28th day of June, 1889.

(signed) President Hebrew Union College
(signed) Professor of Talmud
(signed) Professor of History and Literature
(signed) President, U.A.H.C. (signed) President Board [of Directors, H].U.C.